Winter Weather Advisory

As snowy and icy roads arrive, please remember the following things:

1.  If you feel the roads are unsafe for travel, please stay home! Sing a hymn or two, offer a prayer, perhaps listen to one of our sermon recordings online at

2.  LHPC almost always has a morning service at our usual 11AM hour at the church building. If you can make it there safely, you will find someone to worship with when you arrive.

3.  We commonly cancel Sunday School classes, the midweek Bible study, Evening worship and other church activities if the roads are unsafe or if weather predictions indicate likely problems for travelers. If we know you are likely to come to one of these events we will try to contact you. But usually the weather itself is the best indicator.

4.  If in doubt about whether an event will be happening, please call Gordon on his cell phone (207.837.9300) before setting out.

5. Most importantly, stay safe and drive safely on the slippery roads of a Maine Winter.